Capital Exposure Week

RPS London held a series of exhibitions across the capital druing the first week of November2015.  A handy guide to the main events can be downloaded from here.

Quick links to the different days and a guide by area can be found here.

The background to Capital Exposure Week can be downloaded from here.



CEW RPS London, Street

Unique images from RPS London, Street micro-group

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CEW Urbanicity

Exhibition from the members of London, Urban.

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CEW Outside Looking In

During the past 11 months, northern landscape photographer Chris Ceaser has been shooting landscapes in the heart of London.

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CEW Views from the Loo

Last year, Lizzie Brown put out a call for images taken from the comfort of the loo seat. She was inundated with pictures from all around the world.

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CEW Fairfield Faces

Through The Decades. Solo exhibition and artist’s talk at Fairfield Halls – Frazer Ashford ARPS

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CEW Cafe Art Exhibition

Café Art connects people affected by homelessness with the wider community through art. An Exhibition of their work is on show at the Qbic Hotel, 42 Adler Street, London E1 1EE.

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CEW Doing London

A photographic exploration of tourists in London 2015 by Mike Longhurst FRPS.

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CEW EFourteen

Whiffin’s East End Revisited. Exhibition by Chris Dorley-Brown

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CEW Faces

Exhibition of Portraits in South Kensington. Barry Hoffman LRPS and Del Barrett ARPS.

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CEW Fellowship panel

Fellowship panel kindly loaned by Duncan Grove FRPS

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CEW Headquarters

During Capital Exposure Week, RPS London will be having a Pop-up HQ at the Magic Gallery

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CEW Miscellany

Details soon

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CEW Stuff

Exhibition of Stuff by Mixed Bag - Charing Cross Underground Arcade.

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CEW The Edge

The Edge is attached to The Bleeding London Project. It is a representation by eighteen photographers of their detour of the outside edge of London; the blocks of the A-Z that only those who disdain personal safety & photographic ridicule would venture towards. This demonstration of intrepidness makes them heirs of Gertrude Bell, Amelia Earhart & Valentina Tereshkova

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CEW The Gang of 4+1

A large part of the Exhibition is dedicated to images taken in the London Borough of Merton (and surrounds) as part of RPS London's "Bleeding London" project. Duncan Grove's Fellowship panel will also be on display - see separate page

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CEW The Way It Is

A small varied exhibition of the work of five photographers

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