The Monday Muse

Each week, RPS London posts an inspirational idea.  Here are quick links to previously published posts.

Photographs do not need to be taken during the week in which the Muse is set - you can add to your album any time.

Week 32 Pulling the Positive from the Negative (Guest Muse David Tovey)

Week 31 Postcard from London

Week 30 Cutlery

Week 29 Easter

Week 28 Street Photography by Night

Week 27 Welcome to the Machine

Week 26 Equivalence

Week 25 The Family Album (Guest Muse Cheryl Newman)

Week 24 Feedback and critique (Guest Muse Ken Lennox FRPS)

Week 23 Looking for Love

Week 22 Shoes (Guest Muse Brian Griffin Hon FRPS)

Week 21 Enter a competition

Week 20 Antique & Vintage

Week 19  Start a Sketchbook

Week 18  Start a Blog

Week 16  The Egg

Week 15  Choose a word from the dictionary at random...

Week 14  the RPS London Virtual Christmas Card

Week 13  An environmental portrait

Week 12  'Red, White and Blue'

Week 11  "Feelings not appearance"

Week 10  Complementary Colours 2

Week 9  Complementary Colours

Week 8  Typologies

Week 7  Street Photography

Week 6 Change of Use

Week 5 An Iconic Photo

Week 4 Waiting Spaces

Week 3 Blue Hour

Week 2 Selfie

Week 1 Weather