Celebrating London: our 2017-2018 Project

London's 2017-2018 "Big Idea" - a year long project to celebrate London's cultural richness through its many public festivals and events.

London Region Members were invited to a meeting on 3rd April 2017 to discuss a project or series of projects to follow 'Breathing London'. 

At that meeting, those present set out key parameters for the project - and the Notes of the Meeting can be reviewed here.

A further meeting was held on 15th May, and the notes can be found on this link.  Further volunteers are always welcome and we will keep the Membship advised as we make progress with a sign-up page, website and so on.

We will be setting up FB pages and e-mails etc. for the project, but in the meantime, please send all enquiries to  londonro2@rps.org

Some thoughts and Agenda items issued in advance of the 15th May meeting can be found here