Meet the Team

Below is the list of the Volunteers who look after a micro-group or who have specific roles and responsibilities.   We have many more volunteers who help out from time to time... too numerous to mention individually here

Neil Cordell - Treasurer  and Manager Cafe Art Mentoring Programme

Lorraine Grey LRPS - Deputy Regional Organiser :  special responsbility for London Region Distinctions Programme.

Mo Grieg ARPS - Manager Cafe Art Mentoring Programme

David Hicks - Celebrating London Co-ordinator

Judy Hicks LRPS - Regional Organiser, London Web Editor, SW London Group Co-ordinator

Jennifer Hurstfield - London Book Group (Bookworms)

Adrian McCarthy - Support to Distinctions and other Ad Hoc Support

Jen Pedler -  London Naturally (Walks)

Julian Rouse - Kick-it-Out and Lightroom Training

Jennette Russell LRPS - London Naturally

Norman Smith LRPS - London, Street Group Organiser & SE London Group Co-ordinator


  • Social Media Co-odinator
  • Communications Specialist/Writer (Marketing)
  • London Newsletter Editor/Writer
  • Exhibitions Co-ordinator