… and Day

25 April 2014

Region: London

Today we’re looking for the second part of our two part  suggestion for Bleeding London and so we’re looking for day pix.

Ideally, we’d like some sunrise images – the deer in the parks, the river, the tall buildings of the city, but with sunrise at 5.44, this might be a bit early for some.

The alternative is therefore streets with names associated with daytime or containing the syllable “day”.  There are a number of Day Lanes, a Doubleday Road (IG10), all the Faradays, Haydays, Hobdays and Hollidays as well as the Ivydays, Ladydays and Lovedays.  And there are also a lot of sun based streets – Old Sun Wharf, Sun Alley, Sun Courts and Alleys as well as the Sun Life Trading Estate in TW14 – they all need to be collected if we’re going to reach our goal.

Bonus points for a Rising Sun named place taken at sunrise.

Useful links:  Blue hour site  and the LightTrac app.

Image:  Westminster © John Clare

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