Ati's In. Are You?

28 April 2014

Region: London

Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding has joined Bleeding London because she loves London!

“I love London!

I was born in East Africa but my parents settled in Tooting, South West London in the 70’s. Tooting has been likened to little India and there is a plethora of curry houses, markets and fabric shops which contribute to eclectic London.

I live in Kent but work in Wandsworth, SW London. I continue to visit my parents who still reside in the same house on Longstone Road SW17.  My photos will be taken around Tooting SW17 but I always have my iphone with me and will capture whatever takes my fancy – SW17 or not! It’s all about different stories and there are so many moments to capture on the streets of London.”

Images:  (Top) Selfie; (Bottom) Longstone Road, SW17 © Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding