Competition: GMT

18 April 2014

Region: London

As part of our Bleeding London launch, with the novel's author Geoff Nicholson, we are running a competition to choose the second image for the Bleeding London exhibition.  The winning image will be the one that best relates to the following extract from the novel Bleeding London:

“Greenwich, the meridian.  You have to be impressed by our ancestors’ confidence, the fact that we were able to say to the rest of the world, ‘This is where time and space begins.  If you want to be in step with us then you set your watches accordingly.  If you want to know where you are, measure it from here.’  And you have to be impressed, not to say amazed, that the rest of the world agreed.  Those (I suppose) were the days.”  (Bleeding London, Geoff Nicholson, 1997:237).

  • Submit high-res jpeg to, either by email, Dropbox or one of the other file-sharing packages.
  • Please entitle your image with your name and RPS distinction, if applicable.
  • Closing date:  Midnight, Saturday 10th May 2014.
  • The competition is open to RPS and non-RPS members.
  • Geoff Nicholson will be choosing the winner at the Greenwich launch party (tickets are free and bookable online). 
  • Prize:  A signed copy of one of Geoff’s recent books and guaranteed inclusion in the Bleeding London exhibition.

Image: Shepherd Gate Clock, Greenwich © Norman Smith LRPS

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