Dani's In. Are You?

22 April 2014

Region: London

Dani Salvadori has joined Bleeding London and might be creating an imaginary London!

“I'm a born and bred Londoner and have lived here almost all my life. Despite the stresses, crowding and tourists I still love the place, although I'm slightly gob-smacked at its current, rather shiny, variation.  Sometimes I wonder where tatty old London went. I've taken photos for a few years, first with a digital point and shoot camera and for the last couple of years only with my iPhone, which takes a lot better photos than my camera ever did. The world of iPhone photos very easily leads into the world of editing apps and so sometimes I admit I'm guilty of creating an imaginary London rather than the real thing!

I live at the Arsenal, halfway between the old and new stadia, and work in Kings Cross, although I go to meetings across central London and often have to go to deepest south London. I'll probably take most photos where I live and work and so they might feature football fans and construction workers as well as travellers, tube passengers and walkers-by. And, of course, the streets of London.

I love the concept of Bleeding London and really look forward to contributing.”

Images (Top) Selfie; (Bottom) More London, Tooley Street, SE1 © Dani Salvadori

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Jon Butler
22 April 2014

Happy lady, cool image.

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