Good Friday

18 April 2014

Region: London

Today is Good Friday and an important day in the religious calendar, so religion is the basis of our inspirational idea for Bleeding London.

But let’s start with ‘Friday’.  We’d like any streets from the Friday Hill (E4) district, either of the Friday Roads and Friday Street.  There are bonus points if you collect Crusoe too.

The main task for today is to collect images from any of the streets that have a religious association: Abbey Avenue, Close, Court, Crescent, Drive, Gardens, Lane, Mews, Place and all 18 Abbey Roads (bonus point for four people on a zebra-crossing); any of the thousands of streets with ‘Church’ or ‘Priory’ or ‘Temple’ in the name; Vicarage Avenue, Close, Court Crescent etc.; any street containing a church, temple, abbey, convent, cathedral or other place of worship and, of course, anything of the many crosses – Charing, New, King’s Leyton, Brent etc. (there are 21 different ‘cross’ districts in the capital).

Image:  St Paul’s, Queens Head Passage, EC4  © Richard Jane

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