I Spy … G

22 April 2014

Region: London

The start of the working week and so an easy one to get back in the groove – any street or area beginning with the letter ‘G’.

A good excuse to get to Greenwich to find something for our GMT competition and to drop in to The Cave and see the current exhibition by John Probert LRPS.

Bonus points for double ‘Gs’, such as Golders Green and Glen Gardens.  There are double bonus points for Gazelle Glade in DA12, simply because the BL team is curious about just how euphemistic this appellation is.  And while you’re there, you can collect pix from neighbouring streets Genesta Glade and Glenrosa Gardens.  Try and avoid the Georges though, as this will form the basis of tomorrow’s idea.


Image:  Goulston Street, E1 © Tad Dippel.

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