JC's In. Are You?

24 April 2014

Region: London

JC has joined Bleeding London as it combines his three passions - London, literature and photography.

“I love London, literature and photography. The Bleeding London project brings all three strands together...ironically, really, because it does reflect the way the three strands (and characters) of the book come together.  I loved the book when it first came out and have mentioned one scene many times, when one of the characters is being grilled on his knowledge of London's streets with particularly dire consequences if he gets the answers wrong. The book was described by one reviewer as a love letter to London, and I think that's right. It takes us from the glitzy areas of Knightsbridge and Chelsea to the gritty districts where the northern hard man Mick is searching for the bad guys. Then there's lovelorn Judy, criss crossing the capital in her own attempt to create a unique map of the capital. The three characters are memorable, but the city is the real star, with its endless variety.

I've been a photographer for more than 30 years, but took it up seriously when I went digital after the turn of the century. I love wildlife, landscapes and architecture photography...I've captured polar bears in the Arctic, gorillas in Rwanda, and this year I'm heading for the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara. I'm currently shooting a personal project called 'Architecture on the Underground'.  I love photographing any aspect of London, Bleeding or not.”

More from John on his website here.

Image:  (Top) Selfie; (Bottom) Hammersmith Bridge, W6 © John Clare