Jen's in. Are you?

03 April 2014

Region: London

Jen Pedler has joined Bleeding London to share her passion for London with others.  We hope that Jen is going to share her encylopaedic knowledge of the city with us too!

"I heard about the Bleeding London project when Del came on the Belgravia walk I was leading for Footprints of London.  I couldn’t wait to sign up. It ticked all my boxes; London, photography, walking the streets, sharing my passion for this great city with others.

I spend a lot of my spare time wandering around London searching out hidden secrets and quirky details and discovering the stories behind them – Bleeding London will give me a good excuse to do a bit more of the same! Probably a lot of my photos will be taken around Bloomsbury (where I work), Archway (where I live) or Westminster (where I do most of my guiding). Wherever it is, it will give me a chance to prove my theory that there’s something interesting or unusual in every street in London as long as you look hard enough.

See some of my other photos on ipernity."

Images: (Top) Me at Battersea © Jane of Jane’s London;  (Bottom) Staff Street, EC1 © Jen Pedler.

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Jane's London
04 April 2014

Jen forwarded this to me... thanks for the pic credit and link to my site.

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