Looking for Love

21 April 2014

Region: London

We’re looking for love today in Bleeding London.

Kirkus Review described Geoff Nicholson’s novel, Bleeding London, as ‘A delightful fiction, and a wonderfully exasperated love letter to a great city’, which provides us with a wonderful excuse to go looking for love.   

We’re looking for people in love, objects of love, the odd cupid, Aphrodite or Eros and any streets with these names.

For those attending our Meet-Up today, there’s a competition on a specific love theme, with one of Geoff’s books to be won for the best entry.

Continuing our quest to get Bleeding Londoners out covering the suburbs, double bonus points for photographs collected from Love Lanes in DA12, CR4, BR1, DA5, HA5, IG8 and other non-central London postcodes. 

Interestingly the origins of the “Love” streets have little to do with love and more to do with prostitution, as in medieval times many streets were named after the “goods” that were sold there.  As this is a public website, it is probably not appropriate to provide a discourse about the original coinings of some of the London streets that now sport such innocuous names as “Grape”, “Grove”, “Fetter” and “Sherborne”.  But if your local library has books on medieval London street names, it’s a mind-boggling read!

So in keeping with the origins of Love Lane, today’s image is a plaque to Priss Fotheringham ‘ranked the second best whore in the city’.  Bonus points for pix relating to the best whore (answers in the SW3, TW17 and KT19 postcodes).

Image:  Whitecross Street, EC1 © Mo Connelly LRPS.

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