Norm's In. Are You?

30 April 2014

Region: London

Cave Manager Norman Smith LRPS has joined Bleeding London.

“Some of you might know me already as ‘Cave Manager’ from where I am occasionally let out to take some photos!

My principle area of interest, nowadays, is street photography. This seemed to be under threat for a while from terrorism laws and ‘jobsworth’ security guards but thankfully is on the resurgence. So many RPS members are interested in the genre, in or with access to London, that we have started a series of street photography workshops at The Cave. We will explore what we think street photography is - since it seems to spark fierce debate! – and will officially launch our new ‘London, Street’ group to coincide with a forthcoming ‘street’ exhibition in the Cave in June.

Bleeding London is the most fantastic ‘umbrella’ under which we can practice our street photography being the best excuse ever for waving a camera around in the street! I have already been challenged and seen those frowns turn to smiles and then enthusiastically they say ‘Wow, you mean every street?!!

I will be concentrating on SE7 and SE10 but find all of London an inspiration so I might pop up anywhere!  ‘London, Street’ will be helping with the fill-in later in the project, visiting some of the obscure places that are needed for completion.

Look out for more info on the website, but in the meantime get your A-Z and get shooting.”

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Images:  (Top) Selfie; (Bottom) Dog Legs © Norman Smith LRPS


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30 April 2014

If you really like street photography, I highly recommend Norman's workshops. Loved it and will be back soon!

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