Roger's In. Are You?

04 April 2014

Region: London

"I'm in too!

Who am I? I'm Roger Kelly and I'm Del Barrett's No.2 in the London Region. I'm responsible for being generally on-hand to help out where and when possible. It's been a hectic time of late in London Region Towers since the launch of Del's brainchild, Bleeding London.

Having spent the best part of the past 25 years plodding the streets of the City of London, I thought it appropriate to spend some of my retirement not only tracing some of Stuart's steps but, armed now with only a camera, retracing some of my own whilst, at the same time, looking up some old colleagues, and some young, as I explore some of the continually changing shape of the Square Mile.

Now, I've often been accused of not being on the same wavelength as others and I'm jolly well here to prove it! For the most part, my image submissions will be to the right side of the visible spectrum - somewhere between 665 and 1000 nanometers in the near infrared range. If I can find the appropriate lenses, I may even venture to the left and post up some UV. Yep, the very stuff that we photographers have been filtering out for decades!

I promise the odd blog or two too to (how often do you see that?!!) share, with anyone interested, some of the technical detail in achieving some of the images. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination and have just recently 'upgraded' a single wavelength filtered IR converted camera to one which will record, near enough, the full spectrum. But it's gonna be fun experimenting with the controversial."

Images: (Top) Selfie; (Bottom) Security at the BBC, Portland Place, W1 © Roger Kelly.

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Roger Kelly
04 April 2014

Oh, there'll be 'goldies' a plenty! And some serious high contrast black n white. Tune in to Bleeding London and here throughout the campaign.

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04 April 2014

Interesting project. Looking forward to seeing some goldies!

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