Tad's In! Are You?

09 April 2014

Region: London

Tad Dippel has joined Bleeding London to show London through his eyes.


"I caught the photography bug before I was 10, and it has stayed with me for pretty much all of my life.  My photography is centered, possibly far too much, around aviation, which is my other passion, but I also enjoy other forms: landscapes, cityscapes, portraiture and candid.  In recent years, I've been working to improve the quality of my photography and I am trying
to assemble a portfolio suitable for submission as a panel for my LRPS.

Work takes me into the City and into Canary Wharf, commuting from Braintree though I come into London some weekends to go to galleries and to take photos.  Joining this exciting project will provide a focus for my photography and will certainly assist in building my portfolio for the LRPS panel.  Curiously, I had embarked on a similar project, called "Streets of London", though on a far smaller scale, when I was at college.

 A South London "boy", born in in Balham, my roots lead me to my theme for Bleeding London.  I have chosen to show London, as seen through my eyes: "London, childhood to senior years".  For childhood, I will focus mostly on
the streets around Balham, mostly unknown, and then move to those around Fleet Street and Canary Wharf, the latter two representing my working years. I travel to Canary Wharf through Stratford, which also represents my wife's
early life.  This will be totally new and challenging area for me to look at."

Images:  (Top) Tad Dippel; (Bottom) Tavistock Street, WC2 © Tad Dippel.