Teri's In. Are You?

17 April 2014

Region: London

Teri’s joined Bleeding London to help capture the ‘essence of the now’.

“I'm a Londoner by birth and have lived here all my life, woman and girl! I've always had an interest in photography, I was always the one who had a camera with me wherever we went back in the days when it was NOT the norm to be taking pictures all the time, unlike today with the emergence of camera phones and social media. With motherhood and work, photography took a backseat apart from holidays and special events. It was the purchase of an iPhone that reignited the passion for street photography -which I think is a familiar story for a lot of people today- and then the gift of a LumixG2 from my husband and I began to feel the need to take pictures all the time! 

Street photography is something that both frightened and intrigued me, and I began to take more and more images of the everyday things around me. I rediscovered Flickr and then found Instagram and a new community of people who loved to share their passion, and made a lot of new friends within that community. 

The Bleeding London Project seems to me like the next step, being a part of something that captures the essence of the now. The people and the space they occupy is vital to all that we see and capture and the idea of capturing that and not just leaving it in some disc space on my computer seems like a good idea to me! 

It seems natural to photograph the area I live in which is Cricklewood and Kilburn. The area is diverse in both its people and environment and has a history to match and a future that should be shared. I also spend a lot of time in S.E London, it's where I was born and bought up so I will probably take a lot in that area too. I also spend a lot of my weekends in the centre of town and around the river there. It will focus my photography I think and remind me to consider the whole context of what I am capturing.  I’m also looking forward to sharing the ideas with others doing the same thing, I know a few people who have also signed up and it will be great to swap stories!”

Images:  (Top) Teri © Teri’s daughter, Kerri; (Bottom) Oriel Place, NW3 © Teri Purcell