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13 April 2014

Region: London

Today’s suggestion for Bleeding London comes from the London Regional Organiser, Del Barrett ARPS. 

“I’ve chosen one of my favourite passages from the novel as my recommendation for today. 

Judy has just asked Mick whether he can explain what it’s like to be English.

‘Well, we’re used to thinking of ourselves as the best country in the world, which is obviously bullshit because we’re not the best at anything any more.  We don’t make the best cars or tanks or aeroplanes, we don’t make the best watches or steel or televisions.  We don’t even make the best television programmes any more.  And we’re not the best at football or cricket or athletics.  And we’re not the richest or most democratic country in the world.  But, you know, we still think we’re the best.’ (Bleeding London, 1997:204, Geoff Nicholson).

But things have changed.  So my suggestion for today is to go and find something that shows London really is the best city in the world.

Image:  Coventry Street, SW1 © Del Barrett ARPS

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