The London that nobody knows

06 April 2014

Region: London

Yesterday we wanted iconic sights and well-known streets and today, we’re looking for the opposite – the London that nobody knows.

‘He organised a walking tour called Stuart London’s London – The City That Nobody Knows.  Of course, he saw there was an absurd contradiction in the title of the tour. If it was a London that literally nobody knew then clearly he wouldn’t have known it either.  But the real problem was nothing so philosophical as that.  Quite simply, nobody ever signed up for the tour.  Weeks passed and the other tours did good business.  People wanted to see the Beatles’ London, and Virginia Woolf’s London, Pepys’ London and Hogarth’s London, but nobody wanted to know the London they didn’t know.’ (Bleeding London, 1997:74)

Well we do!  And for those of you coming to the Meet-Up today, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for finding the London that nobody knows.

Image:  Duplex Ride, SW1 © Del Barrett ARPS

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