The Phone Box

01 April 2014

Region: London

The traditional red phone box is still one of the great London icons.  More and more they are being replaced with black boxes, glass booths or boxes doubling up as cash machines.  Today, we’re inviting Bleeding London participants to find red phone boxes and photograph them in situ.  There are a surprising number in people’s gardens (Bury Walk, SW3, for example).  For historians, the very first red phone box, made out of wood, is situated just inside the entrance to the Royal Academy on Piccadilly. 

There are several ways to collect bonus points today:

  • Rows of phone boxes – the BL team has seen five in a row, can anyone beat that?
  • Images that include both a red phone box and one of the original power stations – the common link is that they were both designed by Giles Gilbert Scott.
  • Old police phones a la tardis (there’s certainly one outside Earl’s Court Station and one by the Mansion House) - okay, so these aren't red but they are very Dr Who.

Image:  Phone Box on Birdcage Walk, SW1 © Stewart Wall LRPS

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