Water, Water, Everywhere

27 April 2014

Region: London

The capital is criss-crossed with waterways.  As well as the River Thames, there are smaller rivers running into it (including one that runs through a pipe above Sloane Square Tube Station), canals, ponds, streams, brooks and lakes. And then there are thousands of districts and streets with water related names:  Ashwater, Bayswater, Blackwater, Bridgewater, Broadwater ... Canal Walks, Groves and Closes ... Carslake, Eastlake, Goodlake ... Ballspond, Fishponds, Mill Pond ... River Bank, Court, Drive, Gardens, Heights, Hill ... the possibilities are many!

Bonus points today for any wharves, of which there are about 500 and double bonus points for watery wharves, such as Atlantic Wharf.

Image:  St. Pancras Lock, NW1 © Dani Salvadori

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