Fairy Tales

29 August 2014

Region: London

We’re looking for connections to Fairy Tales in Bleeding London today.

From the Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Anderson anything relevant to fairy tales will receive bonus points.  SW1 and SW3 boast some “Hans” streets, there is a smattering of “Christian” to be found, and a number of “Andersons’, but sadly no “Grimms”.  Then there are a number of “Toms”, “Alices” and a couple of “Jacks”.  And we’re not just looking for street names, any fairy-tale subject will be accepted, so if there’s a shop called Rapunzel near you, we’d like to see it.


Double bonus points for any fairy tale streets in the following areas:  UB2, SW6, SE7, RM6, N21, BR4 and CR7. (BPCC 2908)



Image: NW6 Hansel Road  © Stephen Reed


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