Monopoly Day 8

02 August 2014

Region: London

There’s more to monopoly than collecting streets and properties, so this weekend we’ll be exploring some of the other Monopoly squares in Bleeding London, starting with Chance.


We’re looking for anything to do with ‘Chance’ in the wider sense - from an Abba poster to a betting shop - as well as any of the streets with ‘Chance’ in the name.


Bonus points will be awarded for things relating to the Chance cards in the game.  There’s a useful list here of all the Chance and Community Chest cards.  This week double bonus points will be awarded for areas where we don’t have many streets, so today’s double points will be for any submission relating to Chance in NW10 or SW13.  If we see any particularly imaginative bonus entries, we’ll be trebling the points!  (BPCC 0208)


Image: E1 Chance Street © Doug Stratton


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