Bleeding London – 2 Days To Go

30 December 2014

Region: London

Reflections and Gates


Back in October, we asked the top 30 contributors to choose their favourite image form their BL portfolios for the mini-exhibition we held with the BL reading.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue highlighting those that have not already been featured.  Today’s images are from Karolyn Cooper and Mike Longhurst FRPS.

Upload Deadline – We’re not announcing any further update deadlines as we want to be flexible over the festive period.  The portfolio site will be closing on the 31st December, so if you still have any images on your hard-drive, please get them uploaded before the end of the year. 

Bonus Points For the last week in Bleeding London, we need to get some more of those E postcode streets buttoned up.  Our hot-list areas this week are:  E6, E14, E16 and N2 – the ‘still-to-do’ lists are downloadable from here. Each day this week, there will be ten bonus points for any new streets from these areas. 

We’re also offering one bonus point for any reflections and gates, twenty if they’re from streets on the hot-list.

Please – no more images from the completed areas (downloadable from here).

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 301214) to the description box.

Image: (Left) W2 Hyde Park Street © Karolyn Cooper and (Right) WC1 Staple Inn Buildings © Mike Longhurst FRPS



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Raju Sinha
31 December 2014

I like the styles of pictures. A big thank you for showing.

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