Bleeding London – Last Day

31 December 2014

Region: London



Three Cheers for the Bleeding Londoners


The Bleeding Londoners have tramped and photographed nearly every street in London.  They have created an amazing archive of more than 45,000 images, which truly show the diversity of our wonderful capital.  BIG THANKS TO ALL THE BL’ERS.


Although today is the last day of Phase II (and the last chance to upload images), we have lots of exciting ideas for 2015 that will keep the project in the spotlight.  Or goal was for 43,000 streets and although we’ve achieved that, we do have a number of duplicates, which means we have a few gaps.  If you can help fill the gaps, email us at, indicating your preferred postcode.

Upload Deadline –The portfolio site will be closing at midnight tonight, so there are only a few hours to upload any outstanding images.

As it’s our last day, we’re also offering one bonus point for any image uploaded today, but not from the completed areas listed here.  Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 311214) to the description box.

Image: The extraordinary Bleeding Londoners.  Design by Jonathan Taylor.



Bleeding London – Links

Click here to upload to the ultimate portfolio.


View the selected images album here – more to be uploaded very soon!


Follow us and find us on:  Twitter (@BleedingLondon; #BleedingLondon); Facebook; Flickr; Tumblr; For Instagram, use #blp_postcode (street name)



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Raju Sinha
31 December 2014

Happy days, happy times and Happy New Year. It must have been an auspacious occassion along with hard work, dedication. I liked the style of simplicity pictures. A big thank you for showing Bleeding London pictures.

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