Bleeding London – Phase II, Day 41

11 December 2014

Region: London

SOS for SE1


Today’s featured image is this fabulous pic of SE1 Borough High St by Will Cheung FRPS.   We closed the uploads for SE1 last week, but we find that we might be a few short.  We say ‘might’ as we think there might be a few mislabelled pix kicking around the portfolio.  We’ve put a ‘still to do’ list on the RPS website here.  If you’ve already covered these streets, could you please check the postcode and your labelling and correct them if necessary.  There are also some very odd street names that we can’t find and nearly 70 streets that have been labelled SE1 and are not there – again, please have a look at your entries.  If you have any local knowledge and can help identify whether any of these streets are not streets at all (for example, some of the wharfs) please drop us a line at

Upload Deadline – The next deadlines can be downloaded here.  This week, we’ll be closing: SW15 and SE15 so if you have any pix from these areas, it’s time to upload them.

Bonus Points Our postcodes this week are on the critical list and so each day this week, there will be ten bonus points for any new streets from these areas:  IG9, TW4, N12 and SE23.  (Click the postcode area for the still-to-do lists).

There are two bonus points on offer for any of the missing SE1 streets.

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 111214) to the description box.

Image: SE1 Borough High St © Will Cheung FRPS



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