Boxing Day in Bleeding London

26 December 2014

Region: London

Author’s Pick VIII


Every Friday, Bleeding London author, Geoff Nicholson, will be selecting one of his favourite images and given that it’s Boxing Day, we’ve asked Geoff to select his favourite St Stephen street – EC4 St Stephen’s Row by Doug Stratton.

Upload Deadline – We’re not announcing any further update deadlines as we want to be flexible over the festive period.  The portfolio site will be closing on the 31st December, so if you still have any images on your hard-drive, please get them uploaded before the end of the year. 

Bonus Points Our hot-list postcode areas this week are:  E7, E13, N22, SE3 and SW2 – the ‘still-to-do’ lists are downloadable from here. Each day this week, there will be ten bonus points for any new streets from these areas. 

We’re also offering bonus points for the remaining St Stephen streets - two points for any of:  St Stephen’s Gardens (SW15), St Stephen’s Road (E3 and E6), St Stephen’s Walk (SW7) and St Stephen’s Close (NW5 and NW8).  And there are ten points for any of:  St Stephen’s Gardens (TW1), St Stephen’s Road (UB7), St Stephen’s Close (UB1) and St Stephen’s Parade (E7).

Please – no more images from the completed areas (downloadable from here).

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 261214) to the description box.

Image: EC4 St Stephen’s Row © Doug Stratton



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Raju Sinha
26 December 2014

A good texture and a good contrast. This is an excellent monochrome definitive picture. I like it.

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