‘Twas the night before Christmas

24 December 2014

Region: London

Downton Abbey


‘Twas the night before Christmas … and for some of us, the highlight of tomorrow will be the Downton Abbey Christmas Special (sad, but true).  Today we’re looking for Downton Abbey connections in Bleeding London, so there are Granthams, Crawleys, Patmores and Downtons inter alia to be found. 

Upload Deadline – We’re not announcing any further update deadlines as we want to be flexible over the festive period.  The portfolio site will be closing on the 31st December, so if you still have any images on your hard-drive, please get them uploaded before the end of the year. 

Bonus Points For the last two weeks of the project, we’re revisiting some earlier hot-list postcodes:  E12, N2, SE12, W7 and SW2 – the ‘still-to-do’ lists are downloadable from here (under week 42).  Each day between now and the end of Phase 2, there will be ten bonus points for any new streets from these areas. 

We’re also offering five bonus points for any Downton Abbey street.  And we’ll double the points for those in the suburbs.

Penultimate chance to earn two bonus points for Christmas lights.

Please – no more images from the completed areas (downloadable from here).

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 221214) to the description box.


Image: W1 Grantham Place © Keith Houghton



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Comments (2)

Raju Sinha
24 December 2014

Look what is happening up? It is a good picture. It has interest.

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Chris Mansfield
24 December 2014

Hows this for a downton connection...?
I am one of your more prolific uploaders and I was an Extra in Downton several times ... I am the bloke in the flat cap on the right side of picture ...


not quite the connection you had in mind, but it's better than a poke in the eye :-)

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