Guest Blogger (Day 5) - Penny Dixie LRPS

21 February 2014

Region: London

The big reveal - introducing 'London, naturally'

All images © Penny Dixie LRPS



Apart from an obsession with wildlife and nature photography, I have a passion for most things photographic.  I definitely wouldn’t say that I'm an expert but I make up for expertise in enthusiasm.  Here’s a bit more about me….
I never let a day go past without taking a photograph whether it's with my iPhone or with my Canon 1DX. I'm a Canon girl through and through but also take hundreds of photos on my iPhone and really enjoy playing with the photography apps. I'm not very technically-minded where cameras are concerned and I can't quote pixels or burst rates, I just know that I love my 1DX and wouldn't be parted from it for the world.  I am a fairly skilled Adobe Lightroom user but have very little Photoshop knowledge or skill.  I like making photo books using the Adobe Lightroom/Blurb combination.  I don't do much home-printing and in fact I've just sold my Canon 9500. I like to potter round the photography shows but find them overwhelming. 
I like talking photography with people.  I enjoy learning new skills and trying out new ideas.  This year, my targets are to work on improving my macro skills (focussing on wild flowers and fungi).  I want to practice and improve my naturescapes/landscape skills.  I am also deepening my portfolio of UK wildlife/nature images by working on a range of favourite subjects.  I hope that this will form a portfolio of images worthy of submission to an ARPS distinction panel.
I am sorry to say that I don't do much wildlife or nature photography inside London at the moment… I know that there are many, many opportunities in London but I don't feel very comfortable doing this on my own.  Although I have a 'nature reserve' that's about 250m from my house, it's an old overgrown cemetery and some of the life that frequents it, is a just a bit too 'wild' for me.  I’ve put a few rather old London images at the end of this blog.
I've just been to my first meeting of Lee Valley Nature Photography Group.  It's a non-competitive group and I don't think I'd like the fierce atmosphere that I hear some of my camera club-member friends talking about.   
So why am I telling you all this?  I thought that I'd use the opportunity that this final blog-space provides, to talk about my hopes and aspirations for 'London, naturally'.   I am hoping that I can find some other folk who want to join in with some photographic fun and games in and around London.  
What could we do?  We could talk photography, go to some of London's many wildlife hotspots, go on a canal trip, visit exhibitions, share our favourite images, have some light-hearted competitions or treasure hunts, contribute to the London RPS blog, invite professional wildlife photographers as speakers and set up photo opportunities that are both in London or outside London.   We could organise macro or birds of prey sessions in London… and anything else that you/we can come up with.
We've already set up a new facebook page to spread the word and share images.  From now until the end of March we are pigeon-fancying and we want to see your posts which glorify or vilify the good old London pigeon.
If you are a London-based photographer, or you know somebody who is keen, please get in touch with me via  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, just as long as you are enthusiastic or even vaguely interested.  You don't have to have a fancy camera or long lens … just a passion for 'London, naturally’ 
I look forward to hearing from you... and thank you very much for reading this
To see more of Penny's work, visit her website.

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21 February 2014

I have to admit that I've never been a wildlife fan, but having read Penny's blog this week and having been privy to the plans for "London, Naturally", I am now a convert. So I'm in! And I'm looking forward to seeing the urban environment (my natural habitat) through a different lens.

Thank you Penny for being a wonderful guest blogger!

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