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16 February 2014

Region: London

Blogging proper is great fun and can be highly rewarding.  We’ve had enquiries from several members about the best way to start, where to post, and what to say.  The easiest way of getting into blogging is to use one of the many packages available.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at some of these and talking to the bloggers who use them.  Today, we visit Blipfoto since the London Blogographer has discovered that a few London members are moving in Blip circles.

Blipfoto is a community that encourages people to take one photo a day and to post it in a virtual journal, where others can then comment.  It’s an excellent way of getting into the habit of taking a picture a day and the welcome pack (virtual) gives a few ideas about things to take, including food, family and feet!

Have a look around some of our members’ journals by clicking on their screen names:

Looking forward to a Saturday night out, Rochester High Street © Julian Rouse LRPS aka therousey

Expert Friendly Advice © Cheryl Meek LRPS aka It’s a Geeks Life

A Meeting of Tin Men © David Barnes LRPS aka hbosch1946

Born to be ramage © Del Barrett ARPS aka Delamanda

Brief Encounter © Gavin Meek LRPS aka ... errr... Gavin Meek


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17 February 2014

I did a 365 on blipfoto in 2013. It was a fantastic experience. "Having" to take a photo every day is an amazing opportunity to learn. You get to know your camera VERY well. You discover that you can take a worthwhile photo anywhere, anytime. But, by far the best, is the community of like-minded blippers that you meet. It's like everything, the more you put in, the more you get out. Which is also the worst thing about it - it can become hugely time-consuming. Much as I loved it, I am currently taking a break. so go for it, but don't underestimate the commitment.
P.S. My blip name is HClaireB

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