Trailer – Guest Blogographer Penny Dixie LRPS

07 February 2014

Region: London

London member Penny Dixie LRPS will be our second guest blogographer.  As a trailer for her blog, Penny has chosen this stunning image of a Great Spotted Woodpecker, which was shortlisted in last year’s British Wildlife Photography Awards.

“I was sitting in a hide in a stand of silver birch trees in the Cairngorms, Scotland.  It was cold and had been snowing but sadly, the snow was melting.  Suddenly the late morning light blazed through the trees and lit up the drops of meltwater so that they sparkled like jewellery on the branches.  It was like fairy land.  Everything was ablaze... and then as if that wasn't enough, a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew into the middle of this magical scene, paused for a few seconds and then darted off, just as suddenly as it had appeared"

To see more of Penny’s work, tune in to the London Blog on the 17th February.


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11 February 2014

Beautiful image. Very well captured.

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07 February 2014

Great image Penny! Easy to see why it was short-listed. Well done you!

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