King's Road Night Shoot

24 January 2014

Region: London

Congratulations to Daan Olivier for his stunning shot.  The first event held in partnership with the Chelsea Society was a night walk along and around the King's Road.  The King's Road has changed a lot since the Mary Quant days of the 1960s, but the old Curzon Cinema is still one of its much-loved icons.

To get his shot, Daan used a technique known as 'racking'. We were so impressed with the results, that we're challenging members of the London Region to have a go.  Just follow Daan's instructions below.  He insists that it's easier than it looks - it just needs a bit of practice!

Firstly mount the camera on a stable tripod.  Go manual, set 1 sec exposure, ISO 500, f 22.  Zoom out.  Focus on the Curzon neon sign and lock the focus. Zoom in. Press the shutter and zoom out (smoothly) before the shutter closes! The trick is to do the zooming during the first half second of the shutter being open so that the image can develop with sufficient light from the “stationary” objects during the second half second.  (Repeat many times to get a useable shot!)

When you've got your shot, email it to (585 pixels on the longest side, 72 dpi)  before the 31st January and we'll feature the best images in the February blog. 


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24 January 2014

Well done Daan! I love this approach and although I've used it for stained glass windows, I've never given it a go in the wild. That is all set to change this weekend!

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