Prashant Meswani LRPS

25 January 2014

Region: London

Congratulations to Prashant Meswani LRPS on his recent Licentiateship success!  We asked Prashant about his road to L and his future plans. 

“Photography has been a passion of mine for a few years and was born as a result of seeing a few images from onse of my friend who was also a photographer. Modelling photography and Natural History have developed pretty much as a result of wanting to push myself to produce some great work to the same standard as my photographic friend. I joined my local camera club soon after I did a course with the Open University, and developed my skills through the feedback from the judges.

My inspiration for the panel was born out of working with some inspirational models who introduced me to the idea of creating shapes and edgy poses and as a result gained an appreciation for the style of artistic poses and shapes.

Putting the L Panel together, at first, was difficult, as I wasn’t able to visualise what would work together from the various aspects of my photography. It was only when I attended an advisory day in London did I finally realise that I should concentrate on a theme and play to my strengths rather than a mix and match of the different genres that I enjoyed doing as a photographer. So after 2 advisory days, I submitted my panel for my first assessment, which failed. Sadly, I was overseas when I failed, so I wasn’t able to hear the feedback from the panel. However, I received the feedback via email, which I took on board and worked on my second panel. When I heard I failed, I was disappointed and I had to ask myself as to whether I should reapply or not. After receiving the feedback via email, I realised that the issues identified were minor (well, it was enough to fail, but not as bad as I first thought), so I decided to give it another go. So I submitted a modified panel for some advice, which provided some very helpful feedback, and changed a couple of images again and booked in my assessment in Bath. (Word of warning to anyone wanting to do their assessment in Bath….. Book your train tickets in advance!). I went down to Bath, and sat through the entire day watching some great panels…. Fail. (Well, from a distance the panels were great!). So when it came to my panel, I was sure that I would fail. After a long pause from the Chairperson (at this point I was sure I had failed), I heard my name called out, and I had passed. A big relief, as I thought I was going to fail.

Future plans? From an RPS point of view, I have been working on my ARPS Natural History panel for a few months (I know, I’m getting ahead of myself), and have 1 panel I am looking to submit (Natural History) and another I am looking to work on Visual Arts or Professional and Applied. I plan to go to a couple of A Panel Advisories to understand the process better and to see if I am ready to give it a go. I hope to partake in a number of national and international competitions for the experience, and look to progress my passion of photography to a whole new level”

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25 January 2014

Congratulations Prashant LRPS!

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