A New Metropolis - Part I

11 July 2014

Region: London

Which parts of Bleeding London would you put in a new metropolis?


‘Let’s imagine that you were a town planner; instead of designing and building a whole new city you could say we’ll have a new Hampstead or a new Knightsbridge, or you could order two hundred yards of Oxford Street or a couple of acres of Hyde Park.’ (Geoff Nicholson, Bleeding London, 1997:192).


We asked Jonathan Taylor which street he would choose and he nominated Lower Marsh Street, because it is ‘a complete hotch-potch of different styles and contains my favourite bar in London!’  So which street would you choose?  If you want to email us (london@rps.org) with your reasons for choosing a particular street, we’ll publish a selection in the next issue of the Bleeding Londoner. 


Bonus points for streets from the areas mentioned in the passage above.  (BPCC 1107).



Image: SE1 Lower Marsh Street  ©  Martina Govindraj


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Raju Sinha
11 July 2014

What a picture! The photo is pretty. Composition is bright and colourfull.

Good pieces of wool.

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