Books About Town

02 July 2014

Region: London

We have a special project with lots of bonus points to claim in Bleeding London.


A new project is being launched today.  “Books About Town” is a fantastic initiative whereby 50 individually decorated book-benches have been placed around London.  We’d like to feature all 50 in Bleeding London, so we’re asking BL’ers to find and photograph these benches.


Further details and a location map can be found here.  We’ll be making the bench selection at the beginning of September, so you have plenty of time to collect your book-benches.


Every bench will earn a bonus point, so when you upload your image, title it in the usual way (postcode district [space] street name) BUT instead of putting it in the postcode area category, put it in the BooksAT category.  One image per bench per person please!  Uploading six images of the same bench will NOT entitle you to claim six bonus points, but six images of different benches will!  Bonus points will be doubled for anyone who collects all 50. (BPCC 0207)



Image: SE10 Royal Hill  ©  Del Barrett ARPS


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