County Durham and Environs

15 July 2014

Region: London

To celebrate the 10,000th upload to Bleeding London, we’re looking for streets from County Durham and its surrounding areas today.


Congratulations to Judith Hicks for uploading the 10,000th image to Bleeding London.  Judith’s upload is Whitlock Drive and Whitlock is in County Durham, so we’re looking for other streets from the county.  However, as there aren’t that many, we’re extending our search to include the whole of the North East and there are plenty of those – for example, Newcastle Close in EC4, Morpeth Walk in N17, Hexham Gardens in TW7 and Middlesborough Road in N18.


Bonus points for any of Durham Avenue, Place, Court, Road, Row, Street, Terrace or Yard (BPCC 1507). 


Image: SW19 Whitlock Drive  © Judith Hicks


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