High Roads

06 July 2014

Region: London

Celebrating the 9,000th upload to Bleeding London, we're on the High Street today.

Congratulations to Mike Roberts for uploading the 9,000th pic to the Bleeding London Ultimate Portfolio.  Mike’s image was taken on the High Street, which provides the inspiration for today.  There are 91 streets in the capital called High Street or High Road and we’d like to see images of them all this week.  We already have a few, but there are plenty of others still to be covered.


Bonus points for High Street Mews in SW19.  Double bonus points for High Streets and High Roads in the ‘burbs  (BPCC 0607).


NB.  If you’ve already taken a photo of a High Street or Road, you can still submit it for bonus points.  Add the BPCC to the description and change the category to ‘Bonus Points’.  We’ll move it back when we’ve calculated the points.


Image: KT3 High Street  ©  Mike Roberts


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