Monopoly Day 2

25 July 2014

Region: London

Today Bleeding London is looking for the brown streets.


We’re looking for streets that are loosely connected to The Old Kent Road or Whitechapel Road.  This can be any street that contain ‘Kent’ or ‘Whitechapel’ within the name or any brown object on a street – a fence, a door, a car.  Given the brown streets were the cheapest when the game was developed, it would be good if the brown objects could reflect this.


There are bonus points on offer for brown objects in both the Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road and double bonus points for any street in Kenton, HA3 (BPCC 2407).


Remember that you can claim bonus points retrospectively, so if you’ve already snapped one of these streets, you can move it to the category ‘Bonus Points’.


Image: NW1 Kentish Town Road  ©  Dennis Jackson


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