Nancy Mitford

01 July 2014

Region: London

To celebrate the 8,000th upload to Bleeding London, we’re looking for Nancy Mitford in the capital today.


We’re well through the 8,000 mark now – well done to all the Bleeding Londoners who have contributed!  The 8,000th upload was Jen’s Mitford Road, which forms the basis of today’s suggestion.


To celebrate this milestone, we’re looking for anything to do with Nancy Mitford – novelist, biographer and “Bright Young Thing”.  There are a few more Mitford streets to find, some Freeman streets and a couple of Redesdales.  Additionally, in recognition of ‘U’ and ‘Non-U’ language, we’re looking for signs relating to U-turns.  We’d also like to see some lateral thinking, so put those imaginations into overdrive.


Today’s bonus points will be awarded for the Cable Street mural in E1 and double points will be awarded to the best image (BPCC 0107).  Don’t forget you have two weeks to photograph and upload the mural to qualify for points.


Image: N19 Mitford Road © Jen Pedler


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02 July 2014

The hanging basket looks interesting. The front of the house reminds of Greece. The image is nice and bright.

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