St Paul's

23 July 2014

Region: London

Bleeding London is looking for images of St Paul’s ... but not just in EC4.


During our semi-guided walk last Sunday, Jen pointed out that there were many instances of St Paul’s in relief and models of the cathedral, outwith the cathedral itself.  So whilst we still want to see images of St Paul’s cathedral (and don’t forget there’s a special St Paul’s upload category on the site) we are also looking for other references to this wonderful building.  Suggestions from Jen include the Battle of Britain memorial, the doors of RIBA in Portland Place, the Queen Mother memorial on the Mall and the Building Centre on Store Street.


Additionally, there are 29 streets with ‘St Paul’ in the name and we’re awarding bonus points for these.  Double bonus points for those in the following postcode districts:  BR2; BR3; BR5; BR7; CR7; DA1; DA8; IG11; UB3 and UB8. (BPCC 2307)


Remember that you can claim bonus points retrospectively, so if you’ve already snapped one of these streets, you can move it to the category ‘Bonus Points’.


Image: St Paul’s  ©  Wendy Nowak


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