Stuart Walks Embankment

20 July 2014

Region: London

An easy task for those joining us for the semi-guided walk.


‘On the Victoria Embankment at Charing Cross Pier. A long row of parked, empty tour buses, hundreds of joggers of all sorts and ages, some looking very professional, some looking as though they were on their last legs, and at one point a man performing the weird heel and toe gait of a road walker. Then an old man riding his bike along the pavement and a jogger shouting at him, "Get in the road mate."

Benches looking out over the Thames, metal griffins for legs. Then benches with sphinxes, then with camels.' (Bleeding London, Geoff Nicholson, 1997:190)

Today we’re looking for any of the above.  For those joining the semi-guided walk, it will be an easy task.  For those snapping Hounslow, a little lateral thinking might be required but we’re sure that there’s the odd jogger, bike-rider and bench, even if there are no sphinxes.

Bonus points for any relevant streets in the IG or UB postcode areas (BPCC 2007).



Images: WC2 Embankment  ©  Dorota Boisot


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