The NATO Phonetic Alphabet

17 July 2014

Region: London

We’re looking for streets from the NATO phonetic alphabet in Bleeding London today.


Bravo, Lima, Echo, Echo, Delta, India, November, Golf … Lima, Oscar, November, Delta, Oscar, November


We’re looking for any streets where the names contain the words of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet.  If there’s no street name, then try and find a sign, an object or anything else that’s relevant.


Although the NATO alphabet is the most widely used, there are others – so you could have Gideon Close from the Finnish version, Charlotte Court from the German or Baker Street from the one used by the British Forces in the 1950s.


Bonus points for any of the letters in Bleeding London.  Double bonus points for the full set (BPCC 1707).



Image: SE14 Alpha Road © Jonathan Taylor


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