All in one rhythm

12 June 2014

Region: London

No surprise that we’re looking for world cup associations in Bleeding London today.  NB SPECIAL WORLD CUP BONUS SCHEME


It starts today!  Over the next month, we’re going to see lots of football stuff in London and we want to collect it all for Bleeding London.  People with painted faces, memorabilia, crowds watching matches as well as streets with relevant names and streets with tenous links.


And there’s a special world cup bonus point system today ...

Collect your image and upload it in the normal way (postcode district + street name).  In the description box, write the country/countries associated with your image and then add the bonus point claim code, which today is (WCBP).  You can have more than one country associated with each image.

Under category, choose “World Cup”.  

You will earn bonus points for each goal that your country scores in the qualifying rounds and these will be doubled for the quarter finals, tripled for the semi-finals, quadrupled for the final and quintupled for the winner.

All images for the world cup bonus points must be uploaded before the 22nd June.


For example, on Saturday, if you find a crowd of English and Italian fans at the Croatia Arms in Cameroon Road, you can associate all four countries with your image. 


There is also a special Bleeding London prize for anyone who can collect all 32 countries.


Image: W8 Holland Street © Andreas Busch


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