BL Update

17 June 2014

Region: London

Message to all Bleeding Londoners.

We've now put together a list of the streets that have been covered in each area.  They can be downloaded in pdf format from here. Although we are happy to have more than one image from the same street, so that we have choices when it comes to the selection; however, we would prefer to see pix from the areas that have been thus far neglected!

Some areas have "post-masters" and "post-mistresses".  These are co-ordinators, who are organising walks in these areas and have a sytematic plan for covering the relevant streets.  If you intend to cover streets in these areas, could you contact us via and we'll put you in touch with the "post-office" for that area.

Areas with post-offices are:  NW1; N19; SE1; SE2; SE5; SE15; SE17; SM3; SW3; SW11; SW12; SW17; SW19; W4; W6; W9; W13; WD (All) and KT (all).

If you'd like to be a post-master/mistress for one of the other areas, we'd love to hear from you!

Image © Jen Pedler

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21 July 2014

I get an error message when I click the link for the PDF guide of streets that have already been covered. Can you fix with the proper link, please? Thanks!

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