Bleeding London Update

05 June 2014

Region: London

So far Bleeding Londoners have covered some 4,000 streets - well done everyone, this is a great achievement, BUT ... we still have another 69,000 to think about.

For copyright reasons, we can't just publish a list of streets but we are following the standard A to Z.  To help you work out where to go next, we have produced a PDF for each postcode area containing the list of streets already covered.  We'll be updating this every week.  To access the PDFs, click here.  If you've uploaded a pic to the website and the street is not listed, please check that you have labelled it correctly.  The uploads are sorted automatically and if you've put the postcode at the end of the title, it will have been filtered out.

We have a couple of suggestions to help us tackle the outstanding 69,000 streets.  To participate in either, please email us at

1.  (Thanks to Joan P. for this!)  Buddy up - send as an email indicating which area you'd like to cover and we'll introduce people in the same area so that you can meet-up and split a territory between you.

2.  Sign up to do one square of the A to Z this weekend.  Drop us a line with a rough idea of area (postcode or street name) and we'll advise which square to cover.

Image © Roger Kelly