Red Cross vs Blue and Yellow

20 June 2014

Region: London

Bleeding London’s suggestion for today is based on last night’s match.


At the time of going to press, we don’t know who won, so we’re providing two ideas and you need to follow the one relevant to the outcome.


If England won


We’re looking for crosses, preferably red ones – first aid, flags natural crosses, church crosses etc.  Streets could include:  Cross Avenue, Court, Close, Lane etc.; any crossroads, places such as Brent Cross, Charing Cross or even pubs, such as the Cross Keys.


Bonus points for Red Cross Cottages in SE1 (BPCC 0620E).


If Uruguay won


We’re looking for blue and yellow things as well as any streets with ‘blue’ in the name.


Bonus points for Yellowhammer Court in NW9 and double bonus points for grown men in floods of tears  (BPCC 0620U).


Image: (Left) NW8 Ashbridge Street  © Karolyn Cooper; (Right) SE15 Machell Road © Frederique Bellec


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