The longest day

21 June 2014

Region: London

Today Bleeding London is celebrating the summer solstice.

And for those of us who are doing the Advanced Photographer/Nikon 24 hour shoot, it will certainly feel like the longest day.

From those who are participating, we'd love to see some of the shots you took at dawn.  For those of you reading this after dawn, we’re looking for dusk shots from today and dawn shots from tomorrow.  For those that want to be out during the day, anything solstice related is acceptable, such as any of the 64 Salisbury Streets, Roads, Lanes etc. Tenuous links accepted!


Bonus points for Druid Street in SE1 and double bonus points for Druids Way in BR2, Hengelo Gardens in CR4 and Hengest Avenue in KT10 (BPCC 0621).


Image: SW1 The Mall © Del Barrett ARPS


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