The name's Bond, James Bond

28 June 2014

Region: London

We’re looking for 007 in Bleeding London today...

... And anything that is Bond related.  We already have a few Bond Streets in the ultimate portfolio, but there are still two more; and we still need Bond Close, Court, Gardens and Road.   There are also a number of Flemings and James.  We were unable to find any streets named after Pussy Galore, but there might be


Bonus points for James Avenue (RM8). James Court (UB5 or HA6) and double points for James Street in IG11 (BPCC 0628).  We’re also looking for a bit of imagination, for which extra points will be awarded.  If you think you’ve imaginatively captured something Bondish, then add ‘007’ to the description and make sure you put your submission in the Bonuse Points category.


Image: WC1 Oxford Street © Jeffrey Eade LRPS


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