The Navy Lark

01 June 2014

Region: London

In view of today’s walks, Bleeding London is looking for pix with a naval theme.

For those attending the Meet-Up at Nunhead cemetery, there should be some opportunities amongst the war graves, as well as in some of the local streets.  Apart from the obvious Trafalgar Avenue, there are some slightly more tenuous links such as Spring Tide Close, Wivenhoe Close, Montpellier Road and the Montpellier pub.

The theme is a nice easy one for those attending our semi-guided walk Liberty, Fraternity and Infidelity, since part of the walk will be through streets named after Lord Nelson.

For those not attending either walk, there are still hundreds of streets with a naval link – there are about 50 Nelson Closes, Roads and Terraces, about 20 Trafalgar streets and a sprinkling of Armadas, to name but a few.

Bonus points for any street that includes Horatio in the name.  Double points for Hornblower Close, SE16 and triple points for anything that could be interpreted as Troutbridge (BPCC 0601).

Image: The Nelson Arms, Merton High Street, SW19 © Stephen

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