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18 June 2014

Region: London

We’ve created special categories for the iconic sights and will be choosing the successful entries on the 1st September.


We don’t want any squabbling about who gets the popular spots and so we have created an iconic plan.


If you upload an image of the Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Leicester Square or Trafalgar Square, label them in the conventional way (Postcode district [space] street name) but instead of putting them in the postcode district category, put them in the relevant icon category. 


You have until the 31st August to upload the iconic images and we’ll be selecting those going forward on the 1st September.


For those doing the 24 Advanced Photographer shoot this Friday, there should be some fabulous opportunities for low light and night shots of these well-known sights.



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Mike Chopra-Gant
18 June 2014

Why isn't Trellick Tower listed as an iconic site, or the westway? Has nobody been listening to The Clash recently?

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